March 28, 2014
App renamed to “Bollywood DumbCs”

The newly renamed app is available on the Google Play store. Why, you ask? Many reasons. The plan to own the “desi” category on the play store is not exactly on a roll when a search reveals content we want to stay away from and don’t want to represent. And only one download over 2 days didn’t help.

Added “support” (read screenshot) for 10-inch tables. Was not able to get the DDMS screenshot feature to work on Mac. Resorted to screen captures. May have to take the plunge and get a real device.

Check it out.

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March 26, 2014
Desi Charades 1.0 released

Dumb Charades, DumbC or DumbCs, as often called in India, requires no preparation and provides hours of fun. And now it’s even easier. Just download, play and enjoy!

Has movies popular in India - both Hindi (Bollywood) and English (Hollywood), organized in different packs.

Simple interface and easy to use.
- in-app Help
- Head-to-head with 2 teams
- Score and timer
- 2 packs provided: Fresh Mix and Recent Hits. 3 difficulty levels.
- Settings get saved and remembered for the future
- Timer: sounds on start, beeps 3 seconds before end and at end.
- Can skip once and as long as there are spare movies available.
- Cue auto-hides after 5 seconds so can put device down normally.
- Skip gets disabled after 10 seconds.
- lots more

More packs coming soon!

Remember: all apps by Pentaquistic are always:
- family-friendly
- free (there may be optional in-app purchases in the future)
- never any ads
- completely functional

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March 25, 2014

We have been busy launching our mobile apps on the Google Android store. 3 apps currently with many more on the way:

  • Jana Gana Mana - the Indian national anthem
  • GeoQuiz - geography quiz on countries and capitals. Special ALL mode.
  • Desi Charades - Bollywood Dumb Charades with multiple packs for hours of fun.

Do check them out.